what's this site for?

On this website, you'll find some art, mostly of the conceptual variety. There are also essays which are arguably a form of conceptual art, but for useful reasons kept distinct from it.

what are instructionals?

"Instructionals" are artworks written as instructions. Some of them are written this way to document conceptual works I have done. Some of them are simply autobiographical. Others are ideas for works which have not been executed. I have chosen not to distinguish among such categories. Some instructionals aim to do similar things to each other but for best results, they should not be read with the assumption that they are all "from the same place" so to speak. Some of them are intentionally humorous. Others are humorous but not on purpose. Others, still are simply not funny at all.

Some of the instructionals have been executed by others since their online debuts. The ones that have been sent to me have been added to galleries on the respective pages of the instructionals.

what are statements?

"Statements" are sentences or sentence fragments for display on walls, signs, billboards, outside-facing windows, or what-have-you. They may be designed to interact with the whole world or just a specific audience relative to the location of their intended installation. Though my body of such works is prodigious, I've not yet decided on the best way to display them on this website. Reader input is welcome.

what are essays?

You know this one. Don't let me make you look stupid, hypothetical reader.

older version(s)

Brazanthr.com is expected to change as I continue to update it. For documentation purposes, I will be archiving previous versions of the site.

the original (purple & ugly) design, retired 10/05/2012
the lack of introduction and design that a lot of people mistook for intentionally ugly made the work incredibly difficult to take seriously. The version debuted on October 5th, 2012 was held hostage uner the terms of engagement ransom until this version was sufficiently criticized.

contact information

e-mail: cyleon@brazanthr.com
telephone: (804) 482-1076
facebook: Brazanthr
twitter: @Brazanthr